Reading Financial Statements

By November 15, 2019December 25th, 2019Profit First

Are you reading that right?

When you pick up a book it is simple. There is words on a page that brings the content to life.

Your accountant will always tell you to “read your statements”

But what does that really even mean?

Consider, when looking at your statements, the “story” that they are telling regarding the journey and health of your business. These statements show all the profit and lose for your business, which tells the story.  New members, new employees, or new programs are all pieces of that story.

If you consider each month as a “chapter”, you can better break down the the journey of your business. You can see what works and what didn’t work, as well as see where your business is going.

You would be surprised how many little things people do not understand when it comes to financial statements.

I shared a bit more about this in my recent tip video. I invite you to watch it and then reach out to me with any more questions. I would be happy to connect.

With these few simple tidbits, regarding reading over a financial statement will make it easier to manage your businesses finances

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