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Retirement Planning for Gym Owners

By January 12, 2021Business, Retirement

Ok guys, hard facts time… You cannot count on selling your gym as your only retirement plan. That’s just not how it works in this industry, unfortunately. 


The truth, at best, with great systems and resources, I have seen gyms sell for just a little more than their annual revenue.


Typically, however, a gym would normally just be purchased for its assets.


Believe me when I say there are many more lucrative options, as a gym owner, that are safe and will be truly effective in making you enough money to enjoy your retirement.


So, what are those options? 


Most people don’t want to be on the floor coaching at 90 years old… So, what’s out there, for gym owners, to help create  a successful, worthwhile retirement, after all your years of dedication to your gym and bettering the lives of others?


Today, I want to help give some insight and clarity on how to successfully navigate retirement as a gym owner. 


Remember, talk to a financial planner for more specific ideas for your gym and situation and to make sure that you are taking the proper steps needed now to better set yourself for the future. 


Profit is a choice, choose to be profitable. 


Watch my video below to learn how to create enough profit to enjoy your retirement. 



We will be offering a lot of advice on our page here, but we also would be happy to help you out on a more personal level.

Feel free to hit us up if you need help preparing your taxes.


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