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Sick of Paying Taxes? Here is a Solution

By September 4, 2018Taxes

Are you so sick of paying taxes?

Have you or someone you’ve heard say things like:

I’m sick of paying taxes!

I cannot believe how much I have to pay the IRS this year!

I don’t get how I owe so much based on how little I feel like I’m talking home!

It’s a little known fact that these negative feels around taxes (which the taxpayer, your friend, associates with what they make) is a driving factor to job/career changes.

It’s actually really sad and unfortunate.

These people are getting bad advice or NO ADVICE from their tax professionals.

They don’t know that there is a better way and even really simple ways to lower their taxes. 

So instead,

they associate the fact they aren’t keeping as much as they feel they should to the need to get a different job.

That cannot be farther from the truth.

In the past I used to give tons of presentations to door to door salesmen.

These salesmen would work very hard to make a lot of money.

Their jobs were full of frustration, but the big carrot of making a lot of money kept the successful ones going.  This situation probably isn’t that far off from you or your friends you work with.

They are working hard.

They probably have some job frustrations, but they are sticking to it because they have hope things will get better.

  • Hope they will make more money this year.
  • Hope they will get a promotion which makes them more money.

I’ve experienced that hope myself and it has been a huge factor of inspiration for me.

We do not want your friends and team mates to lose that hope.

In fact, we want to offer more of it.

Making more money and keeping more money in the bank account are the same end game.

We can help everyone keep more money in their bank account.

We just need the vehicle to do that.

If you haven’t filed your taxes yet for 2017, it is time.

In fact, you’re running out of time.

The deadline for business returns is less than two weeks…


The good news is, Incite is one of the only quality tax firms that we know of that promise a two week turnaround…

And in most cases your tax returns are done sooner if we have all of your information.

How about that?

A quality tax firm that provides huge tax savings, value, and is dynamite with communication and timely processing

We want to help.

We love to help.

And we can provide the simple tax strategies that most everyone can implement for bigger tax savings this year.

These tax strategies are going to let people keep more of their cash in the bank account instead of sending it to the IRS and the black hole known as the government’s budget.

If you’ve not met with us yet, then it’s time to have a FREE tax evaluation.

  • There is no cost to you.
  • This is completely free.
  • Completely free yet you should walk away with some simple tricks to save at least a thousand dollars in taxes.

When was the last time you made a thousand dollars in less than an hour?

Click here to sign up for a FREE Tax Eval.


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