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Small Business Bookkeeping [Why a Professional Matters]

Small businesses like yours are the heart of the economy. Bookkeeping is the foundation of all your financial activities. So it stands to reason that small business bookkeeping is critical to the health of the economy.


So, if it’s not already apparent… I cannot stress enough the importance of bookkeeping. ACCURATE and CONSISTENT bookkeeping.


Your books contain the data you need to make ALL your business decisions. It’s the best tool you have.


Bookkeeping is important whether you do it yourself or hire a professional.


Why Bookkeeping is So Important


Bookkeeping helps with taxes, dealing with financial institutions and investors, securing a loan, deciding if you can hire more staff, or deciding if you can afford that new product that will increase work efficiency.


It’s interesting how even things like small expenses are affected by how well you do your bookkeeping. Too often I see clients surprised by an expense they are paying for that they don’t use anymore or thought they cancelled a while ago. If you were going through your books twice a month, you would notice that expense and take care of it then, instead of wasting money for a few more months until you get around to it.


Here’s what bookkeeping means to you:

  • Accurate data of your business
  • Being able to make financial decisions without doubts
  • Free up time for clients
  • Dramatically alleviate stress on how your business is running
  • Growth is inevitable when you’re tracking data consistently


A note on hiring bookkeepers. Be aware in your search that some professional bookkeepers are more concerned about data entry and compliance, than actual consulting. Just make sure you know what you are getting and not getting when hiring a professional.


The Added Value of Using Our Services


At Incite Tax, bookkeeping is such a critical part of what we do, that the service has grown and has now been turned into a whole new department.


We are excited about our growth and how much more we can offer to our clients with an entire department dedicated to bookkeeping. Our expertise is in small business bookkeeping.


Here’s how you benefit from our basic monthly bookkeeping service:

  • Our Bookkeeping service is done by a very skilled and experienced department.
  • Monthly Email with (KPI) Key Performance Indicator focused. We help you focus on what goals you’re wanting to achieve and keep you aware of blind spots in your data.
  • Monthly Customized Financial Reports, easy to visualize reports with easy to understand information that helps business owners see where they’re succeeding or lacking.
  • Get books done timely.


One concern in hiring a professional is the cost. No doubt it’s a factor that should be considered. A better way to look at purchasing services is to view them as investments. (Pretty much all your expenses should be viewed as an investment that needs a return of some kind to be worth it, but this is especially true when it comes to services.) When talking about bookkeeping, just the fact that your business will naturally grow and you’ll have more time for more important things, that will more than make up for the fee.


Now add in consulting and regular strategizing, your return will increase exponentially.


The Ultimate Bookkeeping Package


Most business owners, when hiring a professional accountant, are wanting the benefits of consulting, whether they realize it or not. With a basic bookkeeper, you get your books done and sent the main financial statements. But what does it mean? How does this compare? Are you growing in the right areas?


Our consulting packages include everything from the above list of benefits, PLUS….. you get in depth consulting meetings with our professionals to help dial in your specific goals AND strategies on how to achieve them. You receive accountability which helps push you to reach your goals faster and learn how to run the business even better, now that you have a consistent handle on the financial side.


Your small business bookkeeping deserves your attention and you deserve to have a professional consulting you along the path to growth. There is so much value in having accurate and updated books done by a professional.


Schedule a call to discuss Enhanced Bookkeeping for you.



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