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Today, I had the opportunity to sit and have a conversation with Billy Hofacker, a successful gym owner and business coach. 


We discuss how he navigated the awfulness of 2020, from the start of COVID and business and gyms shutting down across the county to tentative reopenings.


He shares with us some things that he felt went right and is also transparent about things that he felt may have not gone as smoothly. 


There have been so many moving pieces to this year and so many gym owners have been masterfully jumping through these hoops. 


We are learning about these changes and restrictions day-to-day, real time, same as our members. Trying to maintain a solid business plan and strategy can feel impossible. 


The biggest take away from it all… Incorporate the same cash management system that led to sustainability through the tough year if you want to make it through this.


Don’t miss the entire interview with Billy Hofacker. Click below to watch.



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