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Today, I am honored to sit down with the incredible Jake Thompson, a motivational speaker who teaches teams to build grit, accountability, and to compete every day! 


You can get more info on Jake and his message on his website or in his book Compete Every Day! I personally read this book and loved the message which is why I asked Jake to do a video with me today. I wanted to talk about some of the concepts I read in his book, get a better scope of this, and help share that message with you! 


As a bonus, as a high level performer, we will get some behind the scenes on what he does to Compete Every day! So let’s jump right into this! 


In your book, one of the things you write is “Ask most people that are unhappy about their current situation and they will tell you ‘They didn’t choose it, it just happened to them.’ They genuinely believe that they didn’t choose the loss and misfortune that has happened to them.” So, how do people choose their situations?

We choose not to take action. As you and I were discussing earlier, you are in a mode of doing what you need to do to keep the ball rolling. This is a conscious decision that you have made. Many of us find ourselves in jobs that we hate our relationships that are draining and we think we didn’t choose this lifestyle. But looking back you have made your choice by actively staying in the situation. The reality is if we want to improve our situation we have to actively be working every day to improve our conditions. This can include editing and resending resumes, improving our communication, expressing our needs. Active choices to improve our situation in life instead of just lamenting how things are not getting better. 


Do you have any tips about thinking using producer versus victim mindsets?

We’re seeing examples of this all over the place this year. People are understanding now more than ever how much of life is outside of their control. But what you are seeing is people getting into a place mentally of thinking they can’t do anything but wait for life to go back to normal before they can really do anything. 


Then on the other side you see other people who are like “Yeah, I lost my job, but guess what Target or Walmart is hiring. It may not be ideally what I want to do but it is something to get me through right now and I am not worried about my pride”.


Gyms are a great example of that mentality, you see a lot of examples like virtual workouts or trainer accountability and follow through. I think that is what is going to be the biggest difference once this storm passes. 


The people who refuse to be a victim of that circumstance, they’re going to be in just a full speed sprint when things open back up and everyone else will be playing catch up. 


In your book you go into the 4 minute mile story, I wonder if you could recap that for us and then help us understand how we can apply that to our lives?

So, the story is, prior to the 1960’s, nobody had ever run a mile in under 4 minutes… Sports writers were writing stories about how running a mile in under 4 minutes was physically impossible for a human. The minute that Roger Bannister broke that record, like 60 days later some broke his record, and then just a few weeks later someone broke that record. Fast forward to 2016 now there is something like 4000 people that have run under a 4 minute mile. 


The importance of that story is showing that once someone dares to push that impossible, everybody starts following suit. It triggers something inside that makes others say “Oh I see that can be done, how can I make a plan to do that myself?” It is the idea of shattering those self imposed limits that are hanging over us. If you get so narrow focused thinking this is the only way to run a gym, this is the only way to operate a business, this is the only way to coach clients then you lose out on the opportunity to learn from other industries. Your network of gyms may have one way of doing things and that is the way it has always been done but by looking on the other side of the fence at what other gym owners are doing you may get ideas on better ways to solve that problem you thought was unsolvable. 


The Profit first system is one of those game changers, so many people thought “oh no, this is the way this has always been done and you can’t change it”. Then you start to learn the profit first system and you think “Ok, how fast can I get there!” 


So the story of the 4 minute mile really shows you about being someone who is not afraid to break through that “impossible situation” and forge their own path. It gives you the opportunity to be a leader and show other people this is how you overcome. 


As a high performance individual, what is your morning routine? How do you jump start the day with the mindset of competing everyday? 

I think it starts the night before to be honest, what I try to do at the end of the previous day is to think to myself what are my 3 biggest work targets for tomorrow. I review my calendar, what are my meetings, what are my commitments. Once I have determined what are those 3 biggest projects/targets for tomorrow I usually put it right on a sticky note and put it on my computer monitor. That way when I sit down at the computer first thing in the morning, before I even log in for the day I see my 3 keys for the day and what I need to get done. 


In the morning once I am up the first thing is to make a nice cup of black coffee, because I am a coffee addict! I will sit and read for about 10-15 minutes, either a devotional or whatever book I am working on. Then I review my day, what does my calendar look like, what are my targets. Then I like to write 200-300 words really quickly as the daily email I write to customers. Then I go exercise, either an outdoor run, work out in the garage, or go to the gym. Then it is back to attack the day. 


At the end of the day, I start it all again to set it up for tomorrow! 


This is just a quick overview of everything we talked to Jake Thompson about in today’s video. We highly recommend checking out the full video for even more tips, tricks, and behind the scenes. This man is a fountain of knowledge and we think there is just so much he has to teach us! You can also get even more info by checking out his book Compete Everyday and website at competeeveryday.com. 


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