Jack Jostes – CEO of Ramblin Jackson

Listen in on why it is important for Jack to work with an accountant more regularly on strategy, planning, and have someone in his corner helping protect them from the IRS. PLUS helping him save a lot more money. He even gives more details here.

Ryan Brand- Owner of Dish Professionals

When it comes to a tax professional, communication is key. It’s a relief to know Incite will capitalize your tax strategy to the fullest.

Jeffrey Rothchild- Owner of Proforma

You want an accountant who understands you as a small business owner as well as taking away the stress that comes along with taxes

Ike Blackmon- Owner of Creative Bioscience

Making sure I am straight with the IRS, cleaning up past issues so i can move forward and focus on continually growing my business

Douglas Shumway- Owner Shumway Van & Hansen

Truly caring about the success of small businesses and catering to specific tax strategy needs.  Nothing better than being able to reach out any time I have a question or concern.


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“As a new business owner, the short time I have been working with Incite Tax has put me at ease knowing I have someone to go to with all of my accounting questions and needs. And they offer so much more! My experience with them thus far has been totally professional and organized.” – Dani Russell

“John and his team are the best. It is great to be able to email my accountant and get a response quickly. I feel like the team really cares about me. I highly recommend Incite Tax & Accounting.” – Mark 
“Incite is amazing. They work with my hectic schedule and are always available to answer my questions. I recommend them to all of my loved ones and friends as I would trust no one else with my taxes. THANKS INCITE, you truly are the best at what you do!” – Jolene Lehman”
“We’ve been working with Dustin Griffiths and Incite Tax for about a year and a half now, and we are so thankful for their level of education for us and our clients. They bring awareness of the tax code and how to strategize most effectively to permanently minimize your taxes, not just for this year.” – Rachel Marshall The Money Advantage