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What Real People Say About Working With Us

We can save you thousands and set you up for long term growth just like these clients.


Ryan Brand

Owner - Dish Professionals

When it comes to a tax professional, communication is key. It's a relief to know Incite will maximize your tax strategy to the fullest.

Jeffrey Rothchild

Owner - Proforma

You want an accountant who understands you as a small business owner as well as taking away the stress that comes along with taxes.

Ike Blackmon

Owner - Creative Bioscience

Ike needs an accountant to make sure he is straight with the IRS and help cleaning up past issues so he can focus on continually growing the business.

Douglas Shumway

Managing Partner - Shumway, Van & Hansen

Incite truly cares about the success of small businesses and catering to specific tax strategy needs. There's nothing better than being able to reach out any time with a question or concern.

First and foremost, holy crap! I used like 3 sites, kept being told I would owe anywhere between 12-1500 this tax season which had me panicking. The fact you guys got me an actual refund is above and beyond anything I could have expected.

Matt deLisle

Charlotte and Lynn both saved us a ton of money and bailed us out when we had no idea what we were doing. It's a huge relief knowing that I've got help. Plus, I was a big pain this year and filed late and was hard to get ahold of, but she still got it done on time!

Erica Hale

John Briggs is very responsive in email and text to my questions and comments and he's very creative about minimizing tax liability.

Eric Sullano

You made me feel like having my business was a big deal

Jason Johnson

We were referred to Incite tax through a family member who knows and works often with John Briggs. We were asking around for an aggressive CPA who will take advantage of every tax break possible and help us maximize profits. Long story short, my business partner and I both moved our corporate taxes and personal taxes over to Incite a few years ago, and we have been very happy since! We work regularly with Michele, who we think is so knowledgeable and on top of it - we couldn’t have ended up with anyone better to work with.

Debbie Haws

John Briggs and his team at Incite Tax are exceptional. I wanted to find a CPA that was willing to work for me rather than fill out a spreadsheet. I will never forget my first consultation, which was free, and rather than sell me on why I should hire them, John SHOWED me why and that tip alone saved me thousands and thousands of dollars last year alone. I figured that if that was the value of their free consultation then I wanted to be working with them for real. This is not an easy part of business to handle and can get complicated fast, but I am THRILLED I have this team as a partner. Thank you!

Paul Blanchard

Contact us right now to see which strategies you qualify for and how much more money we can help you save.

Those 5 star ratings you see right here are not an optical illusion…Our clients love working with us. Give us a chance to blow your mind with tax savings. Email

“As a new business owner, the short time I have been working with Incite Tax has put me at ease knowing I have someone to go to with all of my accounting questions and needs. And they offer so much more! My experience with them thus far has been totally professional and organized.” – Dani Russell

“John and his team are the best. It is great to be able to email my accountant and get a response quickly. I feel like the team really cares about me. I highly recommend Incite Tax & Accounting.” – Mark  

“Incite is amazing. They work with my hectic schedule and are always available to answer my questions. I recommend them to all of my loved ones and friends as I would trust no one else with my taxes. THANKS INCITE, you truly are the best at what you do!” – Jolene Lehman”
“We’ve been working with Dustin Griffiths and Incite Tax for about a year and a half now, and we are so thankful for their level of education for us and our clients. They bring awareness of the tax code and how to strategize most effectively to permanently minimize your taxes, not just for this year.” – Rachel Marshall The Money Advantage