How Thanksgiving Can Give you the Ultimate Ingredients For Success

By November 23, 2015 Blog

How Thanksgiving Can Give you the Ultimate Ingredients For Success

In the words of Louis CK, “The meal isn’t over when I’m full, the meal is over when I hate myself.”

It’s Thanksgiving and if you are anything like me, you are gearing up for a feast! Yes, I like food, the potatoes, yams, turkey, pumpkin pie, and stuffing just always hits the spot. I mean, do I have a goal and competition amongst my family to gain a certain amount of weight? Of course not, but do I gain weight?  Of course! It’s all about the gains right?

So while you’re stuffing your face or talking football with family, maybe you’re about to hit a turkey coma, (results from eating too much turkey) whatever it may be, make sure you read this about having gratitude in your life to establish the ingredients for success.


Why does the topic of gratitude carry enough weight to bring it up? I promise you won’t be disappointed in this. Let’s get into it then.

Did you know that gratitude enhances our like-ability? It’s true!  People who are more grateful, are statistically more wealthy and in turn successful. When you have more gratitude instilled in your character you have humility. Humility cultivates like-ability.

How would we define gratitude? Let’s start with a principle.

Gratitude Principle:

  • No two objects can physically occupy the same space – This means gratitude displaces negative things. It’s impossible for anger fear hate to exist if you have gratitude, love, happiness and optimism.
  • Focus on things we’ve been given rather than a focus of things we have NOT been given.

How about some facts

There was a study done by Evans & McCullogh to research how our behavior is affected by thoughts on gratitude. There was a group of depressed patients that were told to do a couple things. Both were to write certain things everyday. The first group wrote about gratitude and the second wrote about frustrations in their lives.

  1. I am grateful for
  2. I am frustrated by

For the first group of depressed patients, they were told to write three things that went well every day.  After doing this behavior consistently for a week, can you guess what happened? 94% of the group significantly increased their happiness and in turn their depression and anxiety decreased. This behavior dramatically changed just after one week! It’s important to remember the key word “consistently” as that was a key component to their change.

As you can imagine, the group that was told to write three things that they were frustrated by every day had the absolute adverse effect. They became even more negative in their behavior and attitudes.

3 Steps To Be Grateful

Improve your gratitude by developing a better grasp on how to be grateful. Cool huh.

  1. You must understand they are a recipient of a benefit.
  2. Benefit came from outside themselves
  3. Not necessarily deserving of the gift/benefit

Now, that you have read this post, you are responsible to be better than you were before. Make a more conscious effort now to show gratitude for others and the things you have. Since this week is Thanksgiving, there isn’t a better time to improve your behavior.

With a conscious implementation of gratitude, you can truly make a difference in your situation. Spread abundance with what you have and be grateful for what benefits you receive. You will notice in a short amount of time if you WRITE down things you’re grateful for how your behavior will change and how you’ll see more success in your life.

We’re grateful you stopped by and took the time to better yourself.


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