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The 3.3 Rule: Bill Gates’ Regretful Revelation

The 3.3 Rule: Bill Gates' Regretful Revelation

The 3.3 Rule: Bill Gates’ Regretful Revelation and a New Workday Normal.

Ah, work-life balance. What is this 3.3 Rule? And how does it reinforce Bill Gates’ recent regretful revelation?


Well, folks, hold onto your ergonomic office chairs because we’ve got a new rule in town, but this is one you will want to follow, and one Bill Gates regretfully wishes he had.

The 3.3 Rule, promises to be the silver bullet for all your workaholic tendencies, while being as productive as ever before!

But wait, before you dive headfirst into this miraculous time-management strategy, let’s take a moment to reflect on Bill Gates’ sudden epiphany about his regretful work habits. 

Because, you know, if the billionaire genius himself admits he should have slacked a little, maybe there’s more to this 3.3 Rule than meets the eye.


The 3.3 Rule – Your Ticket to “Efficiency”!

So, what exactly is this miraculous 3.3 Rule? According to John Briggs, a multi-million dollar business owner and author,  it’s a magical formula that suggests you divide your day into 3-hour intervals with a .3 balance, alternating between intense work and periods of “rejuvenation.” 

Because apparently, our brains are genetically programmed to perform optimally in precise, easily divisible chunks.

Forget about the flow state or getting into the zone; now it’s all about balancing your existence to not miss out on why you’re spending all your time at the office in the first place. 


Bill Gates’ Regret: “I Should Have Slacked More!”

In a surprising turn of events, the renowned tech titan and philanthropist Bill Gates recently admitted to regretting his workaholic tendencies.

In a commencement speech, he confessed that he should have prioritized relationships and personal well-being instead of burning the midnight oil day after day. 

Well, well, well, Mr. Gates, isn’t that interesting? 

Maybe all those billions didn’t bring you the satisfaction you were looking for? You really can’t buy happiness.

Suddenly, the 3.3 Rule seems like a golden ticket to success and happiness with its formula to maintain the same productivity, while having a life outside work. 

No one wants to regret not spending time living when they are reflecting back on their life.


Is the 3.3 Rule the New Work Day Normal or Just Another Fad?

Now, before you take our word for it, take a look at the research of what the 3.3 Rule accomplished in one of the life-draining scenarios in the workaholic field, an accounting firm during tax season!

While the Big 4’s accountants were working into the late evening hours, the accountants at Incite Tax were making it home to eat dinner with their families.

I think it’s time to challenge the Big 4 to the 3.3 Rule!

Sure, it’s tempting to believe that the more you work the more you get, but a workaholic schedule will leave you like Bill Gates regretting not living during the best years of your life.

But hasn’t history taught us anything? 

No gravestones have written “I wish I had worked more.” 


Work-Life Balance: More Than a Formula

It’s easy to get swept away by the promise of a bigger paycheck and possibility of promotion sometime far far far down the line. 

Work-life balance isn’t a distance thought to put on the backburner in life; it’s a complex dance between ambition and well-being, between professional growth and personal fulfillment. 

The 3.3 Rule offers you a glimpse into a structured routine of success in work and in life.

A serendipity of inspiration, the power of genuine human connections, and the need for downtime. 

Like Bill Gates has learned, you can’t quantify the intangible magic that comes from living life outside of the office walls.

So there you have it, folks. 


The 3.3 Rule is the New Workday Normal.

The secret to unlocking peak productivity and living a life you won’t forget. 

Even a titan like Bill Gates has come to realize that relationships and balance matter more than an unwavering dedication to the grind. 

Stop searching for the perfect formula, the 3.3 Rule is here, and start embracing the messy beauty of a life well-lived. 

Make sure you leave some room for spontaneous dance parties and impromptu ice cream outings. 


After all, life is too short to miss out on life.


John Briggs | The 3.3 Rule Book

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The 3.3 Rule Book: The New Workday Normal

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