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Tips to Improve Your ROI as A Gym Owner

By December 9, 2020Blog

Today we are sitting down with one of my favorite people, Chris Cooper from Two-Brain Business. He is one of the best minds in the business!


Since creating the Two-Brains system 2 years ago, they have been just cranking out the content! They provide such incredible and much needed support to the small gym owner industry and I wanted to sit down with Chris today and get some tips on how to improve your Return on Invest, or ROI as a gym owner. 


Intro from Chris:

My best ROI to be honest actually did happen exactly 2 years ago and it was scooping up the number 1 guy from Crossfits staff when they went out of business. Mike ran and produced the journal for over a decade and he joined Two-Brain. And you are right, we publish 2-3 times a day now. Way better than the stuff I used to do. So, one of the best things I think Gym owners can do right now is producing their own media. YOU are your own media company, you have to be. It is more than just posting on facebook, you have to create content that lets your audience know they can trust you. One of the posts that we did this week was part of a series on how to get a higher return on investment for your gym. Part of that return is financial and part is time, today we are going to talk about the financial. 


For a Gym owner, when it comes to producing content, what are some easy tips to keep in mind? And on the flip side, what are some pitfalls other gym owners have gotten into that they should avoid?

The thing that stops most people is the thinking “I don’t know what to say or I’m not good at it.” I have been producing content for myself since about 2001, this is how I got my first clients as a personal trainer. I was running a personal training business in the parking lot in the back of the treadmill store where I worked. Then, I started producing content and got into some local online newspapers that wanted articles. I built up 35 clients that way, opened a gym, set up my own website and started producing content there in 2005. Now I have one of the largest fitness practices in the world and it is because we are media machines. So if I am telling a gym owner what to produce it is “Think about the questions that people ask you…” Sometimes it is those questions that we think are super obvious that makes the best content, we are viewing things through the lens of expertise, and what we need to be thinking about is those newbies who may just now be thinking about some of those more obvious questions. 


Number one on your list in this article, is to increase your ARM

Average revenue per member is essentially the cost versus profit it takes to bring in members. Getting this number down is key to increasing your ROI. We just made it the biggest study in the microgym industry that has ever been done. More then 55% of microgyms are between $150-200 per member which is just too much, that just about pays one personal trainer leaving very little ROI for gym owners. The number you can do is improve your ARM. If you have 100 clients that are bringing in $100 and you can increase that to $110 by selling personal training or nutrition coaching, or even raising your dues by $10, that is a $1200 ROI per year. And that is net profit, your expenses don’t go up from that. 


Don’t miss out on the 10 Tips To Increase Your ROI! Watch the remainder of my interview with Chris, now!



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