Why Should I Have a Vivid Vision for My Company?

By August 15, 2016 May 7th, 2018 Blog

Why Should I Have a Vivid Vision for My Company?

You first open the office door and step into what seems to be an office you’d see in magazine. As you walk into the office, you see plants appropriately placed and the space smells like success. The entire place looks clean and exhibits the pinnacle of organization.

While visiting the office, you can’t help but smile. The place just breeds positivity.

You Might Be Asking What Was THAT?

What you just read is a small snippet of our vivid vision. It is a technique from Cameron Herold who helps business owners perform even better.

If you haven’t heard of this before, you have to keep reading to see how this will change your business mindset and help you ultimately be more successful.

The vivid vision exercise is basically jumping into a time machine three years from now where the CEO captures everything about the company’s current state. The information the CEO should obtain in his/her psychedelic time travel are things like smells, sounds, mood, energy, team members, marketing, numbers, and conversations.

Why Should I Do It?

A big reason as to why you need to do it actually comes from Olympians. You see, the best Olympic athletes do something that a lot of other athletes miss out on. They actually visualize the outcome of their event before they even begin to compete. I’m sure you can see the power that can come from such an exercise. Imagine now doing it with your business…

How Do I Do It?

Schedule some time for yourself to be in a quiet room with NO interruptions and nothing but something to write with.

Then turn on the hyper drive and let your mind reach that 3 year mark.

Questions will be your greatest tool.

What does the place look like?

How do you feel?

Who is there?

What resources are you utilizing?

Really let your mind go and write down your answers and feelings of the place.


My purpose is not for you to think I’ve been smoking peyote off the side of Mount Vesuvius for 6 straight days, but to show you how powerful this exercise can be for you in obtaining that vision.

It is not a step by step process on how you will attain such things in 3 years. It is simply for you to visualize where you hope things will be three years from now.

Here’s a great analogy that Cameron uses. The vivid vision is like a homeowner who shows rough sketches to a contractor and says, “Build me this. This is my finished house.” The contractors then takes those plans and creates blueprints and the workers get to it.

In our vivid vision, which you can download by clicking here, we talk about the culture of Incite Tax. We talk about how the offices are laid out, the technology we utilize, how marketing will be and the systems that are in place at that time, plus so much more.

The awesome thing about this is that once you’ve created your vision, you can reverse engineer from three years till today and see the steps that need to be taken to ensure the vision is reality.

I highly recommend giving this a try. It is a huge benefit for you as the owner and it will help the entire team (and future team) reach your vision.

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To download our vivid vision, click here.

If you have any questions comments or thoughts, let me know below.

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