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What’s Your Marketing Philosophy?

By July 6, 2022Business, Value

Recently we were asked, “What is your marketing philosophy?” Usually, our posts are more tax related advice for the small business owner. We don’t claim to be marketing experts by any stretch, but we didn’t get to be where we are today without being fairly successful in our marketing efforts. So here is what we’ve learned in the process.

When Incite Tax was first starting out, sometimes people would ask our owner, John, to share some free tax knowledge. He’d say sure, and he’d gain a few clients in the process. Now, you might think that was his original plan, share some advice – gain some clients. But really, John just wanted to educate people on how to save money and stick it to the IRS. Gaining the clients was a happy benefit. So, if we had to put a term to our marketing philosophy…

Serve & Educate First


We are constantly looking for more ways to educate our followers, whether they’re clients or prospects, or people just browsing. We offer plenty of free resources on our website, not to mention this blog you’re reading right now, as well as some courses we offer for a small fee. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel, where you’ll find a wealth of information, like maximizing your deductions and how to set up Profit First. These are all ways we try to educate (and market to) taxpayers and small business owners.

We also send out emails. Whenever we have a new course to offer or even if we hear of a great new self-help book that has no connection to us, but we think it would benefit some of our customers, we will send out an email. Some of our clients appreciate the emails and there are some that are definitely irritated by them. We certainly don’t want to annoy our clients, but if we feel we have something of value to share then we are going to share it.

There will always be those who will attend one of our workshops or watch one of our how-to videos and choose to go home and do it themselves. We don’t get anything back in return from them, and we’re OK with that. There’s also plenty of business owners who’d rather not do it themselves and prefer to hire us as their tax professional. It works out for everyone.

For us it’s obviously accounting, but whatever industry you’re in, small business owners need educated. There are so many marketing philosophies out there, but the principle is the same. Get your message out there. Sharing our knowledge first as much as possible has worked for us and continues to be our driving force.

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