Where The Hell Are The Keys?

By June 3, 2015 Business

We Need the Keys to Be Successful!

Morning Routine- Sound Familiar?

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you are basically on auto pilot?  You aren’t sure if you remembered to shampoo your hair or brush your teeth because consciously you’re zoned out for whatever reason.  This morning was that way for me.  (At least I think it was because I was kind of zoned out.)

It wasn’t until I got in my car that I was alerted back to present time.  I have a push start/stop engine button.  I’ve loved it.  The thing is that it only works if you have your car keys in the car with you.  According to my car, I did not have my car keys on me.  The audacity of my car!  After further investigation (a quick tap on my pockets) I realized that I in fact did NOT have my keys on me.  So the bright red “no keys are present” light on my dashboard was correct.  As my mind tried to solve this problem, the conclusion was the keys were still in my house, right where I put them when I got home last night.

Where Are Our Keys in Business?Where the Hell are the Keys

Do we do this in business sometimes?  Are you trying to drive the car without any keys?  Not intentionally of course.  The work days get muddled and start blending with all the other work days.  You go from email to phone calls to putting out fires back to email to have weeks pass by or months or maybe even years.  Then something alerts you and you come back to a conscious state and you say to yourself, “what the heck has happened?”

Without some sort of warning device to help you come back to the present, the danger is how much time can pass when you are just going through the motions.  This is as much applicable to your business success as it is your personal life.  If my car didn’t have that bright light, who knows how long I would have spent pushing the start engine button.

What’s Your Warning Device?

What do you do to help you stay present in your business?  What warning devices have you setup in your working environment and life?  We want to know. Share your methods below!


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  • Matt Roberge says:

    I love this blog for a few reasons. First, the opening picture, I mean come on this is classic. Second your down to earth writing style really spoke to me and made it easy to resonate with your story and your questions.
    In response to your questions here are my thoughts:
    Certainly regular meetings with my key managers help me stay present in the business. I love to be challenged and questioned by my staff. We meet several times per week with no specific agenda except to talk about whatever anyone wants to bring up. This typically leads to conversations about problem situations that have come up. Additionally we are always analyzing the industry to try and understand what changes are happening and how we remain a thought leader in the industry. Lastly, strong meaningful financial reports that are analyzed by everyone on the management staff are really helpful. We don’t spend a ton of time on traditional reports, but instead we have a set of customized reports that we developed that give us information on our key metrics. This usually allows us to spot problems before they happen, as well as opportunities before they are lost. This is how we stay off of auto pilot. Thanks for the post.

    • Ryan Vaughn says:

      I love the comment and appreciate your response. These are excellent ways to ensure we are present in our business and staff are a good warning indicator to keep us focused.

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