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Who’s On Your Dream Team?

By August 14, 2018Uncategorized

Do You Have a Dream Team??

Oh my gosh, can I tell you a story…?

I was golfing earlier this week with some clients.

I was at the tee box of a par three and getting the distance in preparation for my shot.

It was 153 yards out so I pull my 9 iron out.

That distance was kind of in between clubs for me…

I could either swing harder with my 9 iron, or swing softer with my 8 iron.

I didn’t consult my club selection with anyone else just went for it.

The green had two tiers and the flag was on the top one.

I hit my shot and it landed about 1 foot short of staying on top of the green.

It rolled down about 25 yards and left me a long long putt…

The crazy thing is, if the ball would have carried that one extra foot, it would have probably been a tap in birdie…

One of my clients said, “If the pin would have been right there it would have been perfect!”

First thought was…yeah no kidding haha. If the pin was where my ball landed it would have been.

I know he was trying to make my unfortunate roll feel better.

But I had to laugh at his point…

If the flag would have been closer, I would have been better off.

BUT logically, if I would have hit it closer, I would have been better off.

But thanks to his positive affirmation I almost drained a 25 ft birdie still and walked away with par.

Now imagine if I had a professional golfer helping me with my club choice and talk me through all the details of the slope, angle, elevation change, wind, etc… What difference do you think it would make?

I think I COULD have had a better outcome.

The R*** Johnson

Do you know who one of the biggest movie stars is today?

Who seems to be in EVERY new movie right now…

I’ll give you a hint: He used to be a wrestler.

The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)

He is super successful.

He is doing a lot of positive things.

He is making a big impact.

He is working hard in his industry.

I saw a post from him the other day that resonated with me and felt like he had some wisdom to share. The Rock posted on Instagram a picture of him and 6 other professionals in a conference room.

The advice I think we can all glean from this movie star is simple and powerful for ultimate success.

“Surround yourself with brilliant, hungry people who are experts at their craft – and go to work.”

He was posting about an annual meeting he has with all of his financial advisors and other strategists. Something he explains is critical for him.

Another one of my favorite quotes that goes along with that is, “if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” Joe Polish

I’ve been thinking about how important it is to have a dream team. A team of experts to help you make your dreams comes true (however cheesy that sounds.)

A team of people:

  • who help you accomplish your goals.
  • who are experts at their craft.
  • who help guide you along something unfamiliar.
  • who get you places faster because they know how.

When something big or small comes up, it is much better knowing you have people on your side. People to assist in the unknown.

If you don’t have your dream team yet, think about who you would need, what positions those are, and people you mesh with to help you reach your goals.

A dream team is composed of individuals that are the best at what they do.

The team has an expert player in each category. So when something comes up, you know who to turn to. BUT even better, those players bring to your attention proactive moves and strategies to benefit your goals perpetually.

So as you’re thinking about who you have/need on your dream team ask yourself,

  • Do they provide me the best advice?

  • Do they reach out to me with potential threats/opportunities?

  • Do they provide value to me and my operations?

  • Do I like them?

Keep that in mind as you interact with or search for your dream team!










  • Eric D Gardiner says:

    Thanks for sharing Ryan. I totally agree with having a dream team help you accomplish goals and dream. I am happy incite is on my dream team. I need to expand my team to cover a few other areas of life. What would you recommend for a complete team to accomplish life and business planning?

    • Ryan Vaughn says:

      Eric, really appreciate the comment. To give you the best answer possible it would be best to know exactly what areas you’d like to expand in, but I can offer some definite general suggestions. A financial planner, a lawyer, good insurance agent, even a mindset/life coach, and a business mentor who has walked the path. Mainly shoot for people that are always looking out for you to improve and be better in each respected area.

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