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WHY did I start Incite Tax?

By October 27, 2020Accounting, Blog, Business

Ever wondered how Incite Tax got started?


In my life I have had 2 very impactful events that led me to Incite Tax is and what we are doing. The first event was when I was working for a big accounting firm where I was just an entry level, kind of expendable employee.They talked about how I was going to be rewarded, get promotions, and improve my position with the company based on my billable hours. What they don’t tell you though, is that, as the base level employee, you don’t actually control your workflow…


There are actually several higher up individuals that assign your work. 


If I was more efficient than my coworkers, I was actually penalized, because I would have less billable hours then them. 


This means that it is human nature for those big accounting firms to take as much time as possible to do your work in order to maximize those billable hours. 


This meant the client eats that inefficiency… I hated this. It felt dishonest and it definitely didn’t stand within my principle of VALUE CREATION 


So, I decided I needed to create a firm that was anti- traditional. I didn’t want to focus on billable hours, I wanted to focus on VALUE CREATION. Our clients have a very good idea what the price is going into it without fear of a range of $100 to $10,000 depending on how long we drag it out….


The other scenario for me was that, growing up, I always had self consciousness about my weight. At my most unhealthy state I was 240 pounds and 42% body fat. I would recall back to being a senior in high school and I had abs and was very athletic. I would look at pictures and I could say that, objectively, I looked pretty good, but even that kid was self conscious about his weight. 


I know so many people struggle with what they should look like, and this idea of “real”l fitness. I have learned a lot of things from that experience, and I love that there is this whole world of fitness professionals out there to help people improve that scenario and that mental image of self doubt we share. 


So I take that experience I have from working at a traditional accounting firm, and I take that passion that I see fitness professionals have for fixing this issue I struggled with that I don’t want anyone else to struggle with. That is why here at Incite Tax we focus on serving the Micro Gyms owners because we want them to be in business as long as possible. The longer they are in business, the more people they can help. 


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