Overcoming Roadblocks with Shannon Karn Simmons

By January 16, 2020January 20th, 2020Profit First

Did you see my Live this morning with the brilliant Shannon Karn Simmons, owner of Netbooks Accounting Services, which specializes in book keeping and implementing Profit First for fitness business owners.


Some of the things we discussed was…

  • Considering a change inside of your fitness business? Let us share some tips for making that change simple and successful.
  • Struggling to commit to fully implementing Profit First for your business? Hear some tips to get you GOING!
  • Why should you read Profit First For Microgyms if you have already read Profit First?
  • What are some common gym owner “roadblocks”
  • What are some successful habits we see with our clients.

Click below to watch the full LIVE!

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