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You Might Have A Values Problem

By August 2, 2021September 10th, 2021Blog, Profit First

What Are Your Values?

What are your values? Knowing your values is an important part of being a person, but it’s also an important part of running a business. Has your microgym ever dealt with a client who just simply won’t follow through on the work? You could hire the best coaches on the planet, and you still won’t get that person into shape. The same rule applies to your business. You could have the best training program on the planet and it won’t matter if your employees don’t share your business’s values.

Where is The Line?

Obviously, values are not the only thing you should hire employees based on. But what you may not realize is that values are the most important factor in choosing an employee. You cannot train values into an employee, no matter how hard you try. And training is the critical factor here. Values take second place in hiring decisions when there is an element of your business you cannot reasonably train someone to do.

Training Decisions

What is “reasonable?” The number one reason your business might develop a values problem is that your definition of “reasonable” is a little too flexible. “Reasonable” in this context means that the time it would take to train an employee to basic competence is far too long. As accountants, Incite cannot just hire anybody. It can take years of study to understand all the concepts a client will need their accountant to know on day one. But if you can get an employee trained in the basics in a matter of weeks, values are your most important factor.

Value-Based Business

If you’re hiring a new employee, finding out their values is usually more important than finding out their experience. Your hiring process should be framed around discovering potential employees’ values, and whether they fit your business’s. Not every business is the same, so not every business’s values will be the same. If your business is full of moving parts that require constant care, you’re going to need to value staying on-the-go. If your business requires frequent meetings on the other hand, you’re going to want to prioritize patience and communication. Neither is wrong, it’s just a matter of making the right choice for your business. After all, profit is a choice. Be courageous enough to make it.

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