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Your Customer Experience

By August 26, 2021September 10th, 2021Blog, Profit First


Recently, I took my family on a trip. We were trying to get a vacation in before the school year started. We all had a decent enough time on the trip, and I’m glad we went. Having said that, I would never go to that resort again. There was a strange smell due to a broken fridge that a previous vacationer had left rotten food in. There were strange sounds that kinda made it feel like I was underwater. And despite learning from some of the staff that they had been begging management to let them handle some of the resort’s issues, the problem resolution was poor.

Customer Retention

You make money by getting customers, but you make a profit by KEEPING customers. Making sure that your customers keep coming back to you is essential to every business. To micro-gym owners though, it’s life and death for your company. The entire business model for gyms is based on returning customers. If you have to find new members every month because your old members don’t stay, you are going to go under. Customer retention is critical.

Set The Standard

First off, what are the things you do every time to make sure that your customers are getting the best experience possible? I recommend having a checklist of things you go over periodically to maintain your gym’s standards. That list should have everything from cleaning the bathroom to wiping down equipment. You should know who your target demographic is. And by knowing who they are, you should be able to list out the things they need to ensure a good customer experience.

New Eyes

Sometimes we just get into a habit. We start doing things the way we’ve always done them and don’t notice problems anymore. Do you know who does notice? New customers. If you have unpackaged or broken equipment that’s cluttering up a corner, it can fade into the background after a while. It won’t be for new customers. Make it a point to try and see your gym through fresh eyes.

Take Care of Your Customers

Customers can tell which businesses care and which ones don’t. By making the choice to focus on your customer’s needs and comfort, you are letting the customer know you care. Customer retention is the key to running a profitable business. This means that profit is a choice if you’re brave enough to make it.

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